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1 rue du Dauphin - Box 4
38300 Bourgoin-Jallieu
http://orok.aero Pierrick Boyer

Présentation de l'exposant

OROK provides a smart and patented solution for the automation of the baggage and cargo handling in the airside part of the airport. Our system is focused on bringing more profitability, more reliability and more security.

We are among the first ones in the world to provide such a complete system for the airports: we offer a fleet of Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGV), monitored by a supervisor-server allowing the execution of data analytics and incorporation of AI in order to improve logistic flows. Our solution comes with auto-loading and unloading stations to enable end-to-end automation, from terminals to aircraft and vice versa. Our robots are electric, allowing a greener transformation of the airports, and omnidirectional which helps improving GSE maneuverability and reduces its footprint within the airport.
And finally, our solution improves health standards by introducing a contactless journey of the baggage and eliminates the human factor accident / incident rate.

Created in 2018, OROK is a French startup accelerated by the prestigious École Polytechnique in 2018 and the winner of the ADP (Aéroports De Paris) Cargo Challenge in the startup category in 2020. We are laureate Réseau Entreprendre and now accompanied by Leonard, the VINCI Group's foresight and innovation platform.

WE ARE LOOKING FOR INVESTORS to launch our commercialization ;)