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25 Rue Jules Védrines
26027 Valence Cedex
https://www.thalesgroup.com Gilles SAROUL
Directeur adjoint Thales Valence

Exhibitor presentation

Thales, avionics activities: one of the world leaders in the fields of flight avionics, training and simulation, and microwave devices for satellites and imaging for medical.

Thales offers a wide range of on-board equipment and functions for the piloting, navigation and control of aircraft systems.
This activity also includes training and simulation solutions for military airplanes, civil and military helicopters, as well as imaging and microwave subsystems. As a partner to major aeronautical manufacturers and airlines, Thales is considered as a major player in the aeronautical sector.

Thales supports aircraft manufacturers, armed forces, airlines, operators, pilots, crews and passengers to make flights more efficient, safer and more comfortable.
The secure and natively connected systems designed by Thales enable aircraft to fly in all circumstances and to interface with all the players of the aeronautical ecosystem, on the ground or in flight.

The range of avionics equipment, systems and applications covers the following areas:
- Aircraft piloting and control: the information display solutions in the cockpits allowing simplified human-system interfaces for optimized management and flight control as well as a permanent connection with the airlines and air traffic control.
- Support and services: the digital solutions offered by Thales simplify the tasks of pilots and monitor fleets in real time in order to optimize operating costs and ensure increased availability of devices.
- Simulation and training: training on simulators for military airplanes, civilian and military helicopter pilots allows better mission readiness while reducing training costs. Thales provides flight simulators for several European and Australian defense programs, as well as training services.

Thales also provides power amplification and X-ray imaging solutions for the space, defense and medical industries.

Thales mission in drone field:
→ Offer to our customers secured operations and fast aircraft certification providing a range of affordable, compact, smart, safe and secured products and services so large-scale drone operations become a reality, everywhere.

  • April0713:30 - 14:00

    Long-range drones for inspection and surveillance of large infrastructures

    Conditions for the large-scale development of such operations. ...