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Savoie Rectification

Savoie Rectification
Z.I. de Marvex, 159 rue de l'industrie
74950 Scionzier
http://www.savoie-rectification.com Benoit-Etienne Guignard
Savoie Rectification

Exhibitor presentation

For many manufacturers, final operations that require a high level of expertise or niche know-how are usually outsourced.
Therefore, most manufacturers master only a few stages of the process internally. That can mean potential disruption of supply from their sourcing partners or loss of traceability.

Savoie Rectification has verticalized all the operations that are critical to achieve ultra-precision in:
- Grinding
- Honing
- E.D.M.
- Pairing
The advantages of complete production in-house are: reduced lead-times, cost-effectiveness and perfect traceability. By forging alliances with industrial players working upstream in the value chain, Savoie Rectification performs process stages that are critical for functionality and subcontracts those that are not. That means you benefit from secured supply and pilot your value chain.

Savoie Rectification masters advanced capabilities to manufacture ultra-precision parts: primary parts, assembled components, complete actuator integration.
With over 40 years of experience, Savoie Rectification has always focused its resources to nurture critical fields of know-how:
- Complex geometries
- Advanced surface finishes
- Tight tolerances
- Clearance gap accuracy.
That means we supply ready-to-use components built to spec with full functionality.

How can you imagine making use of our know-how in your production process?