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20 boulevard Eugène Deruelle
69003 lyon
https://www.gedix.fr/ Didier Levy
Directeur commercial

Exhibitor presentation

Who we are?
✓ Leader in software for industrial machining
✓ Has been providing solutions for more than 25 years
✓ A dedicated team with a recognized expertise in industrial environments

What can we provide you?
✓ CNC machines communication
✓ Reinforce best practices for your machining process (CNC programs, tool list, tool data, supervision, measured tool data, …)
✓ Training and expertise for your machining processes
✓ CAD/CAM software interfaces
✓ Support and maintenance

GEDIX, our solution for optimizing your machining process and manufacturing data
✓ Heavily customizable software solution
✓ Easily adaptable for your very own machining environment
✓ Able to communicate with all CNC machine

  • April0710:00 - 10:30

    Industry 4.0 it’s starting now

    Digitize the manufacturing documents and trace the activity of the machines : ...