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Avenue du Bois Lafayette
https://hexadrone.fr/ Patrice FRANÇON
Directeur des opérations

Exhibitor presentation

HEXADRONE a French company specialized in the development of systems related to the use of civil and military drones. The Defense market represents more than 50% of its annual turnover.
The company has two main activities, and is divided into five specialist services. A team of experts gathers complementary skills. HEXADRONE has a Design Office and shares its expertise. Here are some examples of the expertise available: Engineering, Product Design, Modeling (CAD), Resistance of Materials (RDM), Rapid Prototyping, Hardware and Software Development, Simulation, AI Artificial Intelligence.

Two main activities :
• Design and manufacturing: Thanks to the expertise of our teams, the TUNDRA®, a modular, waterproof, scalable drone made in France, has reached maturity. It can be delivered in two versions: a Ready to Fly version and a Ready to Integrate for all integrators. An opened technological platform, provided with several interfaces that can easily be adapted to specific accessories and new technologies. The TUNDRA® is an Open innovation hub of development, multi-layer application around the flight controller Cube ®. The TUNDRA® new generation will be unveiled in April 2021 and, together with the construction of the industrial building, allow the industrial transition of Hexadrone.
• Online shop: With more than 3500 references, it offers a great choice of OEM products dedicated to the drone universe. Hexadrone also has exclusive distribution agreements for some brands. The company also often carries out sourcing for major customers.

Divided into five services:
• HEXADRONE | SHOP: For activities related to the sale of specific OEM products related to the drone universe.
• HEXADRONE | LABS: Design office for activities related to R&D and collaborative projects.
• HEXADRONE | FACTORY: For the manufacture of parts and the assembly of drones.
• HEXADRONE | ACADEMY: For training activities
• HEXADRONE | ROBOTICS: For the management of the development of the Tundra and its ecosystem.

“To begin the industrialization phase of the Tundra and to keep up with the growth of our workforce, we have decided to build an industrial building in which we will move on September 2021. Eventually, we want our customers and partners to benefit from our industrial facilities and our R&D office to support them in their development. This mutual support of local and national actors will allow us to promote French skills and quality. We have at heart to put forward the ''Designed in France'', ''Made in France'' and ''French Quality '' that our customers are looking for.” Alexandre LABESSE CEO

HEXADRONE's Values: Adaptability, Dynamism, Quality, Performance.

  • April0810:30 - 11:00


    The TUNDRA is a French drone, modular, scalable, born from numerous needs analysis. It is a hosting platform ...