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CONDAT Lubrifiants

CONDAT Lubrifiants
104 avenue frederic mistral
38670 Chasse-sur-Rhône
https://condat.fr Marine Willemse
marketing stratégique
CONDAT Lubrifiants

Exhibitor presentation

Condat is an independent company with international presence, specializing in the field of industrial lubrication. For over 160 years, it has adapted its products to the specific needs of each market (drawing, cold heading, metal working,…) and has developed a wide range of soaps, greases, oils,… CONDAT lubricant range is recognized on the metal working market, in particular for its dedicated aerospace lubricants, and its vegetable based cutting fluids. A precursor in the use of innovating chemistry and renewable and vegetable raw materials, CONDAT proposes new generations of neat and soluble oils. It is also one of the widest product ranges on the market for complementary operations: heat treatment fluids, maintenance lubricants for machine-tools, slide oils, cleaners, degreasers and corrosion protection products.

  • April079:00 - 9:30

    aluminum machining: lighten your costs with our lubricants

    Discover in this presentation how our machining lubricants dedicated for the aeronautical market can reduce ...

  • April089:00 - 9:30

    Machining of refractory materials: boost your productivity with our lubricants!

    In this presentation, discover how our specific machining lubricants for aeronautics will help boost your ...

  • April0814:00 - 14:30

    see your savings take-off with our machining lubricants

    Discover in this presentation how our range of specific lubricants for aeronautics will reduce your overall ...